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About Us

We are an Indian start-up, working towards the betterment of our society by creating social impact through technology. We focus on creating a triangle of consumer, food and retail which leads to an efficient and effective market. We believe that this triangle will create a positive social impact on the society leading towards a better standard of living.

We believe that this is possible through GetZo a mobile application that will revolutionize the way world uses technology for their services at food outlets and retail outlets. Our simple and minimalistic UI shows you the digital menu of the restaurant or any food outlet in which your sitting, replacing the need of physical menu and enabling you to choose from more interacting and informatics menu and the same goes for the retail outlet.


GetZo Features

Digital Menu

We replace your paper menu with our smart menu, accessible to each and every customer on a Digital platform, thereby enhancing the dining experience of your customer through more interactive and informative menu. It allows you to keep your menu updated, and provides a dynamic approach towards the traditional format of menu.
Goodbye Paper!

Remote business management

Limited timed Too much to worry about GetZo got it covered.
You can manage your entire business just by a single mobile application. GetZo gives you real time insights of whats happening in your restaurants including staff performance, restaurant management and customer feedback.

Own your Ownership!

Simplified Order Taking

Our simple UI allows you take order in a very effective and efficient manner again replacing the traditional means of taking orders. This minimises the probability of making human errors in taking orders leading to a better customer experience.

Happy customer happy business!

Digitised promotions

GetZo provides a one stop solution to all the hassles that come in the way for promotions which includes putting banners and verbal communication of deals by the waiters. You can initiate a new scheme on the go with the mobile application.

Promote-What you want, the way you want!

Simplifying extensive processes

The huge infrastructure involved in the POS System makes the internal functioning of the restaurant extensive. GetZo helps in solving the same by minimizing the cost involved in hardware and maintenance of the infrastructure.

More time on what actually matters!

Business analytics

GetZo provides a daily end report which includes your sales, purchases, average delivery time, feedback, staff statistics etc.. This helps in running a smooth business in the ever changing times.

See Analyse Improve!

Payment Records

GetZo provides a systematic approach to payment records hence reducing the hassle of accounts management.

Crystal clear records!

Benefits to the Owner

GetZo reduces the overall cost of running the restaurant which includes the cost of employee management, inventory control, accounting, marketing and many more.

GetZo provides a complete management solution for your business which includes maximising employee performance, inventory controls, financial records and many more.

GetZo lets technology handle the vast array of steps involved between ordering and delivering the food with ease reducing the turnover time for each cover.

GetZo provides you with a digitalized menu card making it more dynamic in cases where you need to launch a food item or change prices or launch a promotion as well.

GetZo enhances the restaurant performance by automating every cent of internal and external details in a systematic manner hence leaving no scope for human errors.

GetZo integrates with your running backend software making it easier for the employees to cope with the upcoming technology without any pressures.

GetZo understands the responsibilities on the restaurant owner and makes it easier to handle all the businesses places with ease through the app thereby enabling remote restaurant management.

GetZo means no more lengthy Closing hours. It provides complete digitization of the billing process making it faster and convenient to manage bills, take payments and keep record of them.

GetZo provides 360 degree solutions to all your problems on just a single platform.

Benefits to the Customer

Confused with the fancy name? GetZo provides you digital menu resulting in a better interaction with the restaurant. Make an informed decision about your food ingredients and calories.

Why wait for the servers to come to you. GetZo empowers you to order yourself and save time on food ordering. Hassle free ordering is now just an application away.

Don’t miss out any exciting offers because of ineffective marketing. GetZo app gives you all the deals to steal at your convenience.

Innumerable means of payment, GetZo accepts it all. Making payment just got easier.

Food-Friends-Spliting-Dutch with your friends without the calculator. GetZo gives the bill-split option making it a sec's job with no mistakes.

GetZo lets you check and reserve table in your favourite restaurant.

Pre-Order from GetZo and don’t let your hunger take over. No more boring waiting time for your food.



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